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1 Chest CT = 350 Chest X-rays

“An average chest CT delivers an effective radiation dose (~7.0 mSv) equivalent to as much as 350 chest x-rays (posterior/anterior, 0.02 mSv). Moreover, many individuals who receive a CT scan will have more than one scan related to a single medical condition.”

The President’s Cancer Panel Annual Report (USA, April 2010)

The scientists in the cancer panel stated that environmentally induced cancer is grossly underestimated. I am worrying – what about coming 5G?

What can we do if it is necessary to do such scans, including a mammogram? Here are suggested remedies:

Diet – add seaweeds and shiitake mushrooms

Bath – soak in Epsom salt bath after radiation for 30 minutes

Protect your DNA – Holistic Vitality (Phyto-Zest, Phytolec+, PHYTOEFA)

Support Phase 2 liver detoxification and detoxify ‘bad” hormones (associated with breast and prostate cancer) – Phyto-LC

Open the skin elimination channel – Drink yarrow tea with rosemary

Note: Please be reminded that your immune and DNA are protected provided they are nourished on a regular basis with diet, herbs, etc, and not just before the scan.



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