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Multiple factors cause accelerated aging of the skin. A prolonged period of stress, especially unresolved traumas, childhood hurts, negative outlook, not able to let go of issues, suppressed emotions, environmental, EMF radiation (4G, 5G…), and pollution stress, sense of insecurity, poor digestion, sense of being unloved, busyness, etc., result in hormonal changes and stagnant blood flow to the skin which lead to a person physically aging – premature skin aging, osteoporosis, joint pain, fatigue, loss of libido, insomnia, sense of depression and anxiety disorders.

When the body is under chronic stress (who don’t?), cortisol or stress hormones in the blood rise and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) levels fall. Low DHEA is associated with symptoms such as fatigue, impaired sleep, inability to lose weight despite diet and exercise, lower bone density, sagging cheeks, thinning hair, lips, and skin, worsening cholesterol, muscle loss (sarcopenia), etc.

In addition, the body’s production of metabolic waste, create destructive enzymes and free radicals in the body. These further break down skin-strengthening collagen and skin-hydrating hyaluronic acid, leading to aging skin. Supplementation with nutrients may be helpful but has its limitations because it does not address the root cause of the problem.

In other words, the 7 Sacred Letters of Wellness ™ described in my first book Leaf to Life® is the holistic healing protocol to address the above. Pick up free lessons in natural medicine –


Current natural products in the market do not take into consideration the mind-body or skin connection. Therefore, they do not substantially improve the skin or physical health and the emotional state of the person taking the product.

I created the product PHYTOZEST ®, comprising of highest potency extracts of the plant species Withania somnifera and Phyllanthus emblica to:

1. Lower cortisol (stress hormones)
2. Enhance DHEA
3. Prevent free radical-induced photoaging
4. Reduce inflammation and C-reactive protein (CRP) – High CRP is a risk factor in stroke and heart attack.
5. Reduce destructive enzymes to tissues and collagen
6. Enhance mood
7. Prevent the loss of bone mineral density
8. Prevent sarcopenia (muscle loss leading to mobility disorders)
9. Maintain thyroid health, thus metabolism.
10. Promote cognitive health (memory and learning)

When PHYTO-ZEST® or the Leaf to Life® Holistic Vitality program is enhanced with the holistic exercises (a book to be launched), it forms the almost perfect program for holistic health.


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