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Core immunity and the pandemic

Given the ongoing pandemic and ecological damage, you and I face a constant assault on our immune system.

Taking a Vitamin C supplement or elderberry to ‘boost’ (It is not healthy to boost your immune system; is a marketing language) your immunity gives a false sense of hope. This simplistic approach is reflective of an incomplete understanding of the working and complexity of your immune system.

Earlier, I have spoken about how my Holistic Vitality Program forms the core program for supporting your immunity. There is clinical logic behind it, and not just a pill fits all concept.
Due to the ongoing pandemic and uncertainty of how the virus will mutate, I have added two remedies to the Holistic Vitality Program – The Holistic Vitality Program Plus.

The two remedies open your elimination channels – liver, kidney, lungs, blood, lymph, skin. The ability to open your channels of elimination is the secret to protecting yourself from all poisons.

Phyto-Cl – Weekly colon cleanse
Phyto-Celec – Overall Open channels of elimination (read my previous article on 20 July 2020).

The program now comes at a package price. Kindly call us for information and purchase. Please do not place an order via the website as it is undergoing significant changes.


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