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A full stomach does not like to think

Neuroticism is characterized by a sense of hopelessness, guilt, anxiety and poor adaptation to stress. In almost all studies, low neuroticism is a consistent factor among centenarians and this trait may have contributed to longevity due to less damage to the cardiovascular system of the body.

Therefore, how we manage stress plays a significant role in wellness and even longevity. We have the power within   to change:

According to traditional European medicine, all stress related disorders range from anxiety, depression to black bile. Black bile as we understand from traditional Western herbal medicine is melancholy – the emotion associated with ‘stuck in one’s thoughts’ and cannot imagine a way out of a dead end situation in life. It is a form of stagnation, to use the herbalist’s language. To neutralise black bile, herbs, diet, spiritual practices and the importance of a healthy environment are employed. Many of the herbs used to neutralise black bile also have significant impact on our nerves, thus pointing to a close relationship between the gut and the brain. Therefore, if our bowel doesn’t ‘move’, there is stagnation, not enough oxygen get into the cells.

Imagine going to a town that is perceived to be unsafe or a haunted house and notice how your stomach feels?

In traditional European medicine such as Hildegard medicine, it seems that many known digestive herbs are also implicated as having influence on neurological conditions.

For examples: ‘In whatever way it is eaten (fennel), it makes a person happy, and brings to him a gentle heat and good perspiration, and makes his digestion good’   Physica

Now modern science and preliminary studies are telling a similar story.

It is now well established that stress symptoms such as anxiety and depression occur frequently in up to 50 to 90% of all patients with a functional gastrointestinal disorder such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Therefore, whenever I am presented with someone with anxiety or depression, I always treat the gut first, most notably with my 6 weeks Wholistic Detox Programme, to repair and rejuvenate the gut. It has been clinically shown to solve the root causes of the conditions.


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