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Fatty liver and cancer

The most diagnosed liver disease in developed countries is non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD). More than 90% of NAFLD patients have at least one of the following problems: Obesity Insulin resistance Impaired fasting glucose Elevated triglycerides Elevated LDL cholesterol Hypertension Other risk factors are: Chronic […]

All diseases start from the gut

Digestion is the true foundation of good blood and humour ‘ Roger bacon (1214-1294), Scientist, Philosopher, Franciscan monk Good digestion = Good blood. This was already taught by Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine thousands of years ago. Now, modern science and my own clinical […]

A full stomach does not like to think

Neuroticism is characterized by a sense of hopelessness, guilt, anxiety and poor adaptation to stress. In almost all studies, low neuroticism is a consistent factor among centenarians and this trait may have contributed to longevity due to less damage to the cardiovascular system of the […]

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