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Initially, after graduating from the Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in Engineering, I pursued a corporate career in various multinational companies. Despite a relatively successful career in the corporate world, I felt a deep sense of discontentment. I could not handle the never-ending office politics.

Multiple factors cause accelerated aging of the skin. A prolonged period of stress, especially unresolved traumas, childhood hurts, negative outlook, not able to let go of issues, suppressed emotions, environmental, EMF radiation (4G, 5G…), and pollution stress, sense of insecurity, poor digestion, sense of being

Everyone has their temperature taken – in malls, shopping centers, clinics, etc. Indeed, fever is a common symptom in almost all cases of COVID-19 cases. The other most common symptoms, which are many of us are not much aware of, are dry cough and unexplained fatigue. The