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Bear with the cross or learn from the cross – Suppression of acute diseases lead to chronic illnesses.

I often was asked, “What herb or supplement can cure my urinary tract infection (UTI).”, rather than “What must I do or change to treat my chronic UTI.”
Many of us assume that natural therapies (Chiropractic, Chinese medicine, massage, herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, etc.) treat the root causes of diseases by default.
Do you know that plants can treat the underlying causes of diseases but can also be used to suppress symptoms like drugs!!
The treatment of root causes depends on the practitioner’s approach and ability to perceive the wholeness of people and plants.

You can use an herb to suppress eczema, an herb to suppress a cough, an herb to suppress a runny nose, etc. Sadly, this approach is what characterizes the commercial supplement industry is doing. They are practicing what I called allopathy herbalism. Allopathy medicine refers to conventional biomedicine with antibiotics to kill bacteria, steroids to suppress inflammation, a diuretic to lower blood pressure, etc. For allopathic, herbal medicine will be – echinacea to boost the immune system, ginkgo for the brain, St John’s wort to treat depression, and so on.

Isn’t it the same mentality and approach as biomedicine? (Biomedicine refers to medicine based on the allopathic approach – drugs, surgery, radiation).

I am saddened when people do not want to look and work on the root causes of their diseases. They want a quick fix. They do not want to work with a holistic practitioner to work on the root causes and a journey to whole bodily health.

For them, the language of the symptoms is frightening. They do not want to carry the cross and learn from the cross. “What if I need to sleep early to heal my eczema? I can’t miss my late-night movies.” – sounds familiar?

(Note: an herbalist or a naturopath is not necessary a holistic naturopath/herbalist. He or she can be practicing allopathic natural medicine as well – give you a quick fix).

The problem is if you and I keep suppressing the symptoms, sooner or later, the body has no way to rid the toxins, and finally manifest as cysts, fibroids, lumps, skin disease, low energy, and even cancer.


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