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Multiple factors cause accelerated aging of the skin. A prolonged period of stress, especially unresolved traumas, childhood hurts, negative outlook, not able to let go of issues, suppressed emotions, environmental, EMF radiation (4G, 5G…), and pollution stress, sense of insecurity, poor digestion, sense of being

As people with asthma, COPD, weak lungs, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorders, etc. have been classed as an at-risk group in this battle with COVID-19, it is very crucial to strengthen the health of the lungs. First of all, those who are at risk (actually every one

How can you protect yourself from any viruses? The answer lies in the above mantra by the father of the germ theory - Louis Pasteur (1822-1895). The strategies  (besides standard hygiene and stress management) are as follows: Open the channel of eliminations (Remedies: Yarrow tea, PhytoCL, holistic

The root cause behind heart diseases - stroke, heart attack, etc. is chronic low-grade inflammation, not high cholesterol. High cholesterol is a good predictive, not the root cause. This is because cholesterol sticks to inflammations in our arteries and creates plaques. The latter can become so

World wide public health authorities including Singapore Ministry of Health is raising awareness on antibiotic or broadly antimicrobial/antibiotic drug resistance (AMR). There are also increasing cases of secondary infection such as deadly pneumonia following viral infection, particularly in children and the elderly. The situation is worsened