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Change our lifestyle, heal the environment

Honestly, I love to drive. I used to drive a company car during my corporate years in Singapore and the United States.
However, my early years in natural medicine career was a tough one. I did not have any money to buy a car. At about the same time, I realized the environmental issue of greenhouse gas emissions. I also gradually adopted a plant-based diet.
Now, conscious living is one of the core values of my practice and product brand Leaf to Life ®.

For many years, living car-free life has enabled me to shift my resources to healthier choices – read good books, travel, health supplements, organic foods, take up courses of interest, etc. Best of all – debt-free.

The pandemic is an awakening for us – lifestyle and the environment. Do you want to pass on a cleaner environment for your children and future generations?
The Living the Change Community, an interfaith group (Buddhist, Catholic Christian, evangelicals, Muslim, etc.) advocates changes in energy use, transport, and diet. Commit to implementing changes in our lifestyle and lots of suggestions from this community.

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