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Conscious living – Why I don’t eat fish/krill oil?

One of the core values of my practice and product brand Leaf to Life is – Conscious Living.

For example, I don’t sell nor prescribe fish or krill oil supplements. The mass consumption of fish or krill oil supplements is not environmentally healthy. We are talking about fish oil, extracted from tons and tons of fishes.

I may not be perfect. I am not suggesting that you convert to 100% vegan either. I am not saying you should not eat fish in moderation (read my digital book -The Holistic Vitality diet).

My philosophy is this – I will try my best to make sure my health products and remedies do not involve the unnecessary killing of animals and creatures, unless I can’t find an alternative, such as collagen. Not all natural medicine is plant-based. Traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy may have medicines of animal origin. Not forgetting the killing of wildlife animals.

Our health depends on nature. If nature is disharmonized because of our lifestyle habits, we will suffer the consequences. I believe this plays an important role in the current pandemic.

Watch this beautiful and insightful video:


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