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Change our lifestyle, heal the environment

Honestly, I love to drive. I used to drive a company car during my corporate years in Singapore and the United States. However, my early years in natural medicine career was a tough one. I did not have any money to buy a car. At […]

Conscious living – Why I don’t eat fish/krill oil?

One of the core values of my practice and product brand Leaf to Life is – Conscious Living. For example, I don’t sell nor prescribe fish or krill oil supplements. The mass consumption of fish or krill oil supplements is not environmentally healthy. We are […]

Estrogen dominance and breast cancer

It is well established that breast cancer is the number 1 cancer among women. And the numbers keep going up. Estrogen dominance is the condition of increased estrogen levels relative to progesterone levels in the body. Many conditions are associated with it – breast and […]

Brother rose has a message

During my recent personal retreat, I was asking what the theme of the Leaf to Life® retreat would be in December 2020. I was led to this small and the only rose in the entire retreat center. Brother rose seems to tell me the theme […]

Stress hormones up = Antiaging hormones down

Do you wish to stay vibrant with age –  With mental clarity, healthy skin, and hair, and energy? The secret key is to reduce stress. Stress comes in many forms and not just work ( See chart). In fact, if you are passionate about what […]

Air pollution

‘Fresh air is a must for good health and vitality. Yet, unfortunately, it is often taken for granted. There is no doubt in my mind that many ailments, such as allergies, poor immunity, skin problems, and even mood disorders are due to the lack of […]

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