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Fever management

Everyone has their temperature taken – in malls, shopping centers, clinics, etc. Indeed, fever is a common symptom in almost all cases of COVID-19 cases.

The other most common symptoms, which are many of us are not much aware of, are dry cough and unexplained fatigue.

The challenge in COVID-19 is the individual may NOT have a fever in the early stages.

The most common fever presentation with COVID is “low-grade.”, i.e. it may come and go, be completely gone one day and then reappear a day or two later.  Of course, a higher fever of more 38C can indicate a more serious condition.

You and I should visit the hospital if we have symptoms such as difficulty breathing.

Besides hygiene, social distancing and good sleep, I strongly suggest you take a proactive approach to prevention. We still don’t know much about the COVID 19.

Learn how to deal with a fever, whether is COVID 19 or not.

You may get a soft copy of my FEVER MANAGEMENT from my office (via Helen at WHATSAPP 88207661). You may be asked to submit your name and email address for our record and mailing list (if you are not already on our list).

Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

Going by the current situation and for those of you who are taking my anti-viral blend PHYTO-V, I would recommend you take 5ml in water per day. For any active sufferers, increase it to 3 x a day while seeking medical treatment.

Please continue to build your core immunity with the Leaf to Life ®holistic vitality program – https://leaftolife.com.sg/product/leaf-to-life-holistic-vitality-programme-package3-months/


Take care and God bless


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