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The prime of your life, assuming everything works well, is thirty years old. After that, cellular and hormonal function declines rapidly, and this leads to skin aging.  No external skincare products, not even cosmetic surgery, can correct or slow down cellular and hormonal functions. One […]

Neurolec for healthy brain function

  Maintaining brain function with age is one of the top three concerns across all age groups in almost all studies around the world. The other two are sarcopenia (muscle loss and weakness) and vitality. Several important physiological factors can affect our neurological function, and […]

Phyto-Zest®- A Super Remedy for holistic vitality

According to nature-cure philosophy, one of the major causes of all chronic diseases and premature aging is a lowered vitality. The solution is to increase the body’s resistance to physical, biological, emotional, and environmental stressors; restore the balance of the endocrine hormones; modulate the immune […]

Stop the runny nose or heal the lungs?

I once had a client who seeks consultation for his bad eczema condition. He listed down a litany of supplements (almost ten products) recommended by a health supplement sales professional and asked me whether it was alright to take them. I offered no comments about […]

Herb quality, safety, & effectiveness depends on ingredients

Competence and Conscious living are two of the core values of my clinic company. Therefore, I placed a lot of emphasis on the quality and safety of the herbs I used in my herbal preparations and my retail product brand Leaf to Life®. The reasons […]

Why the holistic vitality program supports your core immunity?

You may have heard that migrant workers are being tested for ‘silent pneumonia’ by measuring oxygen saturation in the blood.  Experts also told us in the process of attacking the virus, the immune system goes to overdrive, causing damages to the lungs.  What happens if […]

Why do you feel so tired after a flu?

This is called POST VIRAL SYNDROMES. Your body fought the battle (unless you suppress with medications) and many soldiers (viruses, bacteria) died. The dead soldiers lie dead in your tissues, producing toxic waste. This is why you feel so tired. What people usually do is […]

Multiple factors cause accelerated aging of the skin. A prolonged period of stress, especially unresolved traumas, childhood hurts, negative outlook, not able to let go of issues, suppressed emotions, environmental, EMF radiation (4G, 5G…), and pollution stress, sense of insecurity, poor digestion, sense of being […]

Protect your lungs

As people with asthma, COPD, weak lungs, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorders, etc. have been classed as an at-risk group in this battle with COVID-19, it is very crucial to strengthen the health of the lungs. First of all, those who are at risk (actually every […]

Your Core Immunity is the key to handle any virus situation

This is a very good article by a Swiss doctor on Covid-19. Click to read more: https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/ Quote – ” According to the latest data of the Italian National Health Institute ISS, the average age of the positively-tested deceased in Italy is currently about 81 years. […]

How to protect from viruses?

How can you protect yourself from any viruses? The answer lies in the above mantra by the father of the germ theory – Louis Pasteur (1822-1895). The strategies  (besides standard hygiene and stress management) are as follows: Open the channel of eliminations (Remedies: Yarrow tea, […]

Root cause of heart disease

The root cause behind heart diseases – stroke, heart attack, etc. is chronic low-grade inflammation, not high cholesterol. High cholesterol is a good predictive, not the root cause. This is because cholesterol sticks to inflammations in our arteries and creates plaques. The latter can become […]

The Only Anti-Virus Remedy

‘ ..how severe the illness (coronavirus) a person depends both on the person’s immune system, as well as how large the viral load is when the person is infected’ – Professor David Heymann, London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine, Head of the global response […]

Antibiotic resistance is real

World wide public health authorities including Singapore Ministry of Health is raising awareness on antibiotic or broadly antimicrobial/antibiotic drug resistance (AMR). There are also increasing cases of secondary infection such as deadly pneumonia following viral infection, particularly in children and the elderly. The situation is […]

What does one do at the acute onset of a cold?

What does one do at the acute onset of a cold? REST Your body is telling you to rest or ‘slow down’. Don’t fight against nature. FAST  Drinks lots of fluid. Drink the fasting liquid with lemon. Refer to my book Leaf to Life for […]

Post cold sensation – lingering infection

Why do you feel tired, low energy and foggy-headed sensation after the flu/cold, virus infection? You were fighting a battle – war between your immune system and some pathogen (virus, bacteria). The war is won but the battlefield is loaded with the dead and dying […]

The benefits of PHYTOLEC+®

PHYTOLEC+® is my customized formulation for healthy aging. Many commercial herbal supplements consist of herbs and vitamins based on the biomedical model. A biomedical model is usually embraced by the nutritionist, scientist, chemist, and medical doctors. It has value but is not complete. This is […]

Nature is the healer

“The physician does from nature, from nature he is born; only he who receives his experience from nature is a physician and not he who writes, speaks, and acts with his head and with ratiocinations aimed against nature and her ways. ? The physician is […]

Do you want to spend 13 years unable to climb 10 stairs?

Most people, post 40 have financial plans and insurance policies for our old age and hospital expenses. Yet the single most expensive and debilitating thing is health – functional health. Will hospital stays and pharmaceutical medications make you functional and vibrant in body, mind, and […]

How to enhance your healthy aging hormone?

DHEA is the master building block from which estrogen and testosterone are produced. It is a hormone regulator and produced by your adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands (that handle your stress) takes over the hormonal system around pre-menopause or andropause (for men). This is why […]

Improve your memory and learning with Heparlec

One of the most common symptoms of aging is memory deficit and decreased learning capacities. You may not be able to think clearly and with clarity. You feel mentally tired as if blood doesn’t flow very evenly in your brain. You can’t speak properly and […]

The major cause of heart attack/stroke

You are often told that cholesterol is a major cause of heart failure. Cholesterol, per se, is not the cause (otherwise we can’t have energy, have sex, make babies, and remain young); it is oxidized cholesterol. Oxidized cholesterol is caused by many factors including chronic […]

The goodness of red palm oil

Most people often eat out. Thus, they are constantly exposed to refined vegetable oils. Almost all food centres, fast food chains, and restaurants use refined vegetable oils in their cooking. Refined oils has gone through a series of high temperature and chemicals to extract, bleach, […]

Why PPI drug for gastric will speed up aging?

One of the most significant changes as you age is diminishing stomach acid. As a result, poor protein digestion and thus aging – sarcopenia, stomach cancer, weak joints, skin allergies, poor memory, psychosis, etc. The problem is compounded with PPI (Proton pump inhibitor) drugs, often […]

Why is it so difficult lose fat as you age?

Why is it more difficult to lose weight as you age?? As you age, the ability to burn fat slows down. One of the major causes is a sluggish thyroid (despite normal blood test readings). This is why my herbal formulae Phyto-Zest® is part of […]

Healthy children with Phytotherapy

A few of my clients were asked to be interviewed by Epoch. I am very thankful for their generous sharing on how PHYTOTHERAPY (Western herbal medicine/naturopathy) has had helped in their children’s health. Click for video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GEw6IMd48w In my 20 years of contact with young […]

The only FAT you need

When you eat a fresh avocado, you are also consuming unadulterated and unrefined polyunsaturated fats (PF) – mainly Omega 6 and a small amount of Omega 3. The same goes for fresh uncooked spinach, apples, pumpkin, and even lamb. There is much bad news about […]

What do heavy bleeding, short cycle, PMS, and spotting have in common?

The main cause is hyper-estrogenism ( too much undesirable estrogen metabolites) and progesterone deficiency. This is due to poor liver detoxification pathways. Unless you are tested positive for high 16-alpha- hydroxyestrone (main undesirable estrogen metabolite which can be tested in our Advanced hormone test), it is prudent […]

In Love We Heal

Love is the ultimate healing force. We all know that in theory. Without accepting oneself and appreciating oneself, no disease can truly be cured. Many of us do not love ourselves. We numb ourselves with ceaseless addiction – cell phone, smoking, alcohol, keeping oneself busy, […]


Earlier on, I spoke about how oxidized LDL cholesterol induces blood vessel lining damage, leading to a higher risk of a heart attack and stroke.   This damage, causing dysfunction of the inner linings of the small arteries is called Endothelial Dysfunction (ED). This is […]

Leaf to Life ® Product Quality Standards

Leaf to Life ® herbal and nutraceutical products is my new product brand, to be officially launched in the month of October 2019, focusing on healthy aging and the healing of various health conditions. They are meticulously, clinically, and holistically formulated or selected by me […]

Do you feel bloated after 40?

One of the major signs of aging is constant bloating after a meal. There are many causes of indigestion and bloated feeling. You need to seek medical attention if you constantly experience bloated feeling and fatigue. This is to rule out cancer conditions.   However, […]

Are you taking antihistamine to sleep?

Sleeping pills have a lot of side effects. Why not take cough syrup or ant-histamine drugs as they are less dangerous?   The problem is – It is not true.   Antihistamine meds, in addition to vitamin C depletion block acetylcholine, a very important neurotransmitter […]

What is the secret to slow down aging?

” To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.”      Mother Theresa of Calcutta  I like this quote. Though it was referring to something spiritual, I believe it is also a tip to keep us well.  Anyway, wellness is body, […]

What is the one independent risk factor for heart attack/stroke?

Many of us are told that high cholesterol is bad.  But many of us missed the point –  Only OXIDIZED LDL cholesterol is a concern. Unfortunately, your usual blood test does not show this. When it is not measured or no drugs available to help, nobody talks […]

PHYTOLEC+ – The Tissue Healer is in stock!

Good news!  The new improved formulae of Phytolec is in stock.  It is now called  Phytolec+ ®. Thanks for your patience. It is my passion to always work on continuous improvement of my products and services.  Though it is an improved formula, I have decided […]

What do ovarian cysts, breast cysts, and endometriosis have in common?

In most women, aging with a decline in sex hormones starts between 30 and 35 years old. This depends very much on the level of stress, diet, intensive exercise (reduced sex hormones), abortion, uterine tubal ligation, pregnancy, overweight, etc. I see more women having cysts, […]

What nature teaches us about oils?

What nature teaches us about oil?   The medical text tells us that every one of our cells is surrounded by a cell membrane, consisting of fat – half saturated and half unsaturated. The unsaturated part is to allow the passage of oxygen into your […]

A New Golden Age for Medical Herbalism

This is an article posted by Global Health n Pharma magazine (UK). Phytotherapy or medical herbalism is the scientific application of herbal medicine supported by traditional wisdom and originated in Europe. Based on my 20 years of experiences, it is one of the most promising [...]


Research in the healthy older seniors all over the world revealed that medicinal plants taken in the form of herbs, wines and tea, as part of a daily diet and not only after a person becomes ill; explains for the high number of healthy Georgian […]

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