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Why PPI drug for gastric will speed up aging?

One of the most significant changes as you age is diminishing stomach acid. As a result, poor protein digestion and thus aging – sarcopenia, stomach cancer, weak joints, skin allergies, poor memory, psychosis, etc. The problem is compounded with PPI (Proton pump inhibitor) drugs, often […]

Why is it so difficult lose fat as you age?

Why is it more difficult to lose weight as you age?? As you age, the ability to burn fat slows down. One of the major causes is a sluggish thyroid (despite normal blood test readings). This is why my herbal formulae Phyto-Zest® is part of […]

Healthy children with Phytotherapy

A few of my clients were asked to be interviewed by Epoch. I am very thankful for their generous sharing on how PHYTOTHERAPY (Western herbal medicine/naturopathy) has had helped in their children’s health. Click for video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GEw6IMd48w In my 20 years of contact with young […]

The only FAT you need

When you eat a fresh avocado, you are also consuming unadulterated and unrefined polyunsaturated fats (PF) – mainly Omega 6 and a small amount of Omega 3. The same goes for fresh uncooked spinach, apples, pumpkin, and even lamb. There is much bad news about […]

What do heavy bleeding, short cycle, PMS, and spotting have in common?

The main cause is hyper-estrogenism ( too much undesirable estrogen metabolites) and progesterone deficiency. This is due to poor liver detoxification pathways. Unless you are tested positive for high 16-alpha- hydroxyestrone (main undesirable estrogen metabolite which can be tested in our Advanced hormone test), it is prudent […]

In Love We Heal

Love is the ultimate healing force. We all know that in theory. Without accepting oneself and appreciating oneself, no disease can truly be cured. Many of us do not love ourselves. We numb ourselves with ceaseless addiction – cell phone, smoking, alcohol, keeping oneself busy, […]


Earlier on, I spoke about how oxidized LDL cholesterol induces blood vessel lining damage, leading to a higher risk of a heart attack and stroke.   This damage, causing dysfunction of the inner linings of the small arteries is called Endothelial Dysfunction (ED). This is […]

Leaf to Life ® Product Quality Standards

Leaf to Life ® herbal and nutraceutical products is my new product brand, to be officially launched in the month of October 2019, focusing on healthy aging and the healing of various health conditions. They are meticulously, clinically, and holistically formulated or selected by me […]

Do you feel bloated after 40?

One of the major signs of aging is constant bloating after a meal. There are many causes of indigestion and bloated feeling. You need to seek medical attention if you constantly experience bloated feeling and fatigue. This is to rule out cancer conditions.   However, […]

Are you taking antihistamine to sleep?

Sleeping pills have a lot of side effects. Why not take cough syrup or ant-histamine drugs as they are less dangerous?   The problem is – It is not true.   Antihistamine meds, in addition to vitamin C depletion block acetylcholine, a very important neurotransmitter […]

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