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How did I recover from a retrenchment?

In my early twenties, I was working for a big American MNC company, and like everybody else was working hard to climb the corporate ladder. I was also considered the blue-eyed boy in my office.
So, naturally, I was devastated after my retrenchment. Added to the emotional stress, I was also the sole breadwinner for my family of elderly parents.

Fortunately, I did not give in to despair. What did I do in that period of extreme worry and stress?

Firstly, without fail, every morning, I would go to my local church adoration room and meditate in front of the blessed sacrament (For Catholic Christians, the blessed sacrament is the real presence of Christ). I would sit and focus on the sacrament without many vocal prayers, much like a mindfulness exercise. I would finish my quiet time not much to pressurize God to give me a job but to ask God what He wants me to do. This process was the beginning of the idea of changing my career (later into holistic natural medicine).

I also spent more time with my aging dad in his yum cha (Cantonese tea drinking and dim sum) routine, acting as if everything is fine.

Initially, I hesitated to donate money to anyone else – church, beggar, etc. Naturally, I should be thinking of conserving my resources. I should keep as much as possible. Right? After some quiet reflection on a sentence, I read in this book, Thick face, black heart – Detachment is the secret key to obtaining everything you want, I decided to continue giving, even though I did not know whether I will get a new job.

I started going to the library to read books on how to keep myself healthy – reading on natural health (interestingly I was drawn to it), daily jogging a week, and spiritual readings thrice. Fortunately, I found another better job a month later.
The point is I did not allow myself to fall into despair and do the blaming game.

Through a crisis, I gradually found my new vocation.
The economic downturn because of the pandemic is not going away soon. I believe the turning point will only come in late December (my opinion).

Do you and I give in to despair, and act as if you are a victim or work to stay healthy in body, soul, and spirit so that we will have the vital energy for a better future? The choice, of course, is yours.


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