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How to prevent a stroke?

I had a friend who is a vegetarian who suffered a sudden stroke. I wondered!

Stroke is one of the most devastating diseases I have witnessed, followed by Alzheimer’s disease, sarcopenia (muscle loss due to hormone imbalance), and Parkinson’s disease.

A stroke can be caused by:

–         Rupturing of brain blood vessels

–         Blockage of a blood vessel, resulting in the interruption of oxygen supply

Many of us are familiar with the common risk factors – High blood pressure, High and low cholesterol, oral contraceptive use, stress, and excessive alcohol, and smoking.

Why can chronic medications such as oral contraceptive use lead to a stroke? It is due to nutrient depletion.


What is not frequently talk about or known are nutrient deficiencies, trauma/chronic stress, and blood viscosity. I can tell from your blood test, pulse, and tongue analysis, whether you are prone to high blood viscosity.

No wonder, stroke can be a silent disease.

The strategies to prevent a stroke are:

–         To improve the strength of blood vessels walls with micro-nutrients

–         To decrease blood clotting and blood circulation

–         To balance blood pressure and prevent oxidation of cholesterol

–         To treat stress-related to blood vessel spasm

–         To support hormonal imbalance such as DHEA and testosterone deficiency.


The four-stroke prevention remedies are:

1 Zyme 10 – Promote micro-blood circulation and prevent blood clotting

2 Phytolec+ – To prevent oxidation of cholesterol, repair damaged walls and tissues, and strengthen blood vessel walls

  1. Phyto-EFA – To promote blood flow, uptake of cell oxygenation and repair damaged tissues.
  2. Phyto-Zest – To modulate stress cortisol and support hormonal balance
  3. Revitalec + – To prevent instability of blood vessel walls and rupture due to aging

Note: Revitalec + is also used to prevent osteoarthritis and joints’ wear and tear.

Also, take a diet rich in Vitamin C, magnesium (your greens), B-vitamins (depends on good gut flora, if not supplement with B-Destress, and silica. It is also essential to have good stomach acid for protein digestion (Phyto-Nzyme). Please refer to my e-guide The Leaf to Life ® holistic vitality diet for a total healthy diet protocol.


I will launch a new book – Holistic Exercises, which will help you achieve inner strength and immune resilience. Stay tuned.





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