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Leaf to Life ® Holistic Vitality Programme
(3 months)


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Aging predisposes to most chronic diseases including muscle weakness (sarcopenia, frailty), diabetes, heart diseases, lung diseases, eye diseases, dementia, depression, anxiety, cancers, bone/joint diseases, skin diseases, and lack of vitality and energy.

Designed by leading and award-winning medical herbalist Sebastian Liew, the Leaf to Life ® Holistic Vitality Programme Package serves to manage the root causes of aging, encompassing physical body, mind, and the soul, rather than mere symptomatic and suppression of symptoms.

Our mission is to nurture and educate people to be family herbalist, to heal self, others, and the community.

Supported by professional grade products and holistic solutions, it is the most essential life-long wellness plan for healthy aging.


Benefit of treatment

  • Modulate inflammation, the determining factor in decreasing lifespan and increased risk of diseases;
  • Enhances anabolic hormone activity (repair and rebuild) and decrease level of catabolic hormone activity (wear and tear), thus reducing oxidative stress, one major causes of aging;
  • Increases the body’s resistance to stress via herbs, unrefined essential fatty acids, good nutrition and Holistic Exercises (e-book);
  • Support cellular health.


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