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Protect your lungs

As people with asthma, COPD, weak lungs, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorders, etc. have been classed as an at-risk group in this battle with COVID-19, it is very crucial to strengthen the health of the lungs.

First of all, those who are at risk (actually every one of us) should cut back on cold food, cooling tea, and drinks. A mucusless diet is best – No diary, oily, fried, sugar, high starch diet.

In Western herbal medicine, the main objective is to enhance the body’s ability to fight any infection with immune-enhancing and diaphoretic herbs and what old doctors called – keep the center warm, so that the channels of elimination are open. 

The following are helpful remedies both for prevention and to reduce severity for those with the viral infection –

  1.  PHYTO-V: Western herbs with anti-viral (for enveloped viruses; corona is enveloped virus), anti-catarrhal (lung cleansing), anti-microbial properties.
  2.  Bertram – Prevention of pneumonia. This herb has anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, and anti-viral properties.
  3.  Phyto-Zest – Immune tonic for the long term.
  4.  Asta-D – This is a must for those with a history of lung conditions powerful with Vitamin D3 liquid (5000 IU) for better absorption and Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant.

As every one of you has different constitution and life situation, it is best to see me for customized protocol or for simple questions – simply text or email for any questions. I am sure many of you have questions on this ongoing pandemic.





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