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Fever management

Everyone has their temperature taken – in malls, shopping centers, clinics, etc. Indeed, fever is a common symptom in almost all cases of COVID-19 cases. The other most common symptoms, which are many of us are not much aware of, are dry cough and unexplained […]

The fever is the cure

It is well established in medical texts that fever is a healthy response to the presence of pathogens and antigens (bacteria, virus…) in the body. A lot of people get really stressed out by fever and take NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and decongestants to turn […]

Why do birds start singing before sunrise?

Wonder why birds start to sing 30 to 40 minutes before sunrise? They don’t do it to wake you up.    This is a reaction to the first flow of fresh oxygen from the plants.    This is the best time to inhale quality air […]

How to have peace of mind for the day?

The key to having peace of mind for the day is what I called Regulation (One of the 7 Sacred Letters of Wellness). Regulation is associated with balance. For example, multi-tasking creates chaos in your life. Why multi-tasking is bad for you? waste time increase […]

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