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Root cause of heart disease

The root cause behind heart diseases – stroke, heart attack, etc. is chronic low-grade inflammation, not high cholesterol.

High cholesterol is a good predictive, not the root cause. This is because cholesterol sticks to inflammations in our arteries and creates plaques. The latter can become so large that they block the arteries and cause heart attacks. They then break off and got lodged in the brain, where they cause a stroke.

To address the root causes of high cholesterol, there are six main challenges:

  1. Insulin resistance
  2. poor thyroid function (may not show in blood tests)
  3. chronic infections (due to poor immunity)
  4. leaky gut
  5. Chronic stress
  6. Genetics

I studied these deeply and came out with a complete holistic program to address the above (except genetics) – Leaf to Life ® Holistic Vitality Program, consisting of herbal and nutraceuticals – Phytolec+®, PhytoZest®, and Phyto-EFA. If you have an existing high cholesterol ratio (not just LDL) and high fat (triglycerides), add Lipidsta to your diet. There is a special price package for these 4 as a program. For information, contact us. Product details can be found on my website.

The program is truly holistic and addresses the root cause if you also practice what I called holistic exercises. The book shall be launched on June 27, 2020, and all will be invited. It shall be taught in the upcoming Leaf to Life ® retreat in Chiang Rai.



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