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Your thoughts determine your life

Everything in the universe is connected to one another – humans, animals, insects, nature, trees, plants, etc.   Whenever I make herbal blends, I would observe my thoughts – am I anxious, worry, angry??   My small pot of duckweeds started to die until I […]

What is Vitality?

    Most of us associate vitality with energy but for natural medicine or herbalists, it has a much deeper meaning. In naturopathic philosophy, wellness is vitality in body, mind, and soul, and not merely the absence of high cholesterol, blood pressure or absence of […]

What you focus, What you attract

What you focus, you attract. You focus on health, you attract health. A new study by top scientists at USC, Harvard University, Columbia University, the University of Illinois at Chicago and other institutions found that slowing aging has much more significant benefits and more cost-effective […]

Eat less meat to save the earth (United Nations report).

Long before the green movement, the old doctors of naturopathy (European natural medicine) such as St Hildegard of Bingen (13th century), Father Sebastian Kneipp (19th century), the late Dr. Henry Lindlahr, Adolph Just, Dr. Benedict Lust, Dr. John Christopher, etc. all advocated a plant-based diet […]

Impatience and Anger

Longevity, good health, and peace of mind are influenced by not only physical health, but also emotional, psychological and social factors. I would also add spiritual or inner life and thought factors. Therefore, my treatment for any disease is always or at least striving to […]

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