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Bear with the cross or learn from the cross – Suppression of acute diseases lead to chronic illnesses.

I often was asked, “What herb or supplement can cure my urinary tract infection (UTI).”, rather than “What must I do or change to treat my chronic UTI.” Many of us assume that natural therapies (Chiropractic, Chinese medicine, massage, herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, etc.) treat […]

How did I recover from a retrenchment?

In my early twenties, I was working for a big American MNC company, and like everybody else was working hard to climb the corporate ladder. I was also considered the blue-eyed boy in my office. So, naturally, I was devastated after my retrenchment. Added to […]

Conscious living – Why I don’t eat fish/krill oil?

One of the core values of my practice and product brand Leaf to Life is – Conscious Living. For example, I don’t sell nor prescribe fish or krill oil supplements. The mass consumption of fish or krill oil supplements is not environmentally healthy. We are […]

How I became an herbalist?

Initially, after graduating from the Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in Engineering, I pursued a corporate career in various multinational companies. Despite a relatively successful career in the corporate world, I felt a deep sense of discontentment. I could not handle the never-ending office politics. […]

Honor our teachers

One of those virtues I admired in Dr. Wighard Strehlow (one of my teachers) is the respect he gives publicly to his late St Hildegard medicine medical doctor, Dr. Hertzka. He would acknowledge Dr. Hertzka in every Hildegard conference with a moment of silence. The […]

What is the pain?

Happy new year Exempt from the book, Leaf to Life: The natural approach to slow down aging and living a healing life There is a conversational story that I often tell, which comes from the book, Coming Home to Your True Self, written by Albert […]

Love and Accept Yourself – Merry Christmas

The first requisite for a healthy aging and healthy life is you must first love yourself. What do we mean by loving yourself? Loving ourselves means nurturing our bodies, minds, and spirits by providing them with all that is life-giving so that we will have […]

What is healing?

To a distressed person who came to him for help, the Master said, ‘Do you really want a cure?’ ‘If I did not, would I bother to come to you?’ ‘Oh yes. Most people do.’ ‘Not for a cure. That’s painful. For relief.’ To his […]

Conscious living is our value

Conscious is one of the core values of my product brand LEAF TO LIFE ®. One of these values is to practice green living.   Our product bottles are biodegradable. Please reuse them (as I normally do) or put in recycle bins.  Some of the […]

The Earth Can Save You

Save the Earth is one of the most popular ‘mantras’. But do you know the earth with its medicinal plants and herbs can save you? You came from the earth (dust), and so the earth will heal you. Since the earth (nature) take care of […]

Your thoughts determine your life

Everything in the universe is connected to one another – humans, animals, insects, nature, trees, plants, etc.   Whenever I make herbal blends, I would observe my thoughts – am I anxious, worry, angry??   My small pot of duckweeds started to die until I […]

What is Vitality?

  Most of us associate vitality with energy but for natural medicine or herbalists, it has a much deeper meaning. In naturopathic philosophy, wellness is vitality in body, mind, and soul, and not merely the absence of high cholesterol, blood pressure or absence of any […]

What you focus, What you attract

What you focus, you attract. You focus on health, you attract health. A new study by top scientists at USC, Harvard University, Columbia University, the University of Illinois at Chicago and other institutions found that slowing aging has much more significant benefits and more cost-effective […]

Eat less meat to save the earth (United Nations report).

Long before the green movement, the old doctors of naturopathy (European natural medicine) such as St Hildegard of Bingen (13th century), Father Sebastian Kneipp (19th century), the late Dr. Henry Lindlahr, Adolph Just, Dr. Benedict Lust, Dr. John Christopher, etc. all advocated a plant-based diet […]

Impatience and Anger

Longevity, good health, and peace of mind are influenced by not only physical health, but also emotional, psychological and social factors. I would also add spiritual or inner life and thought factors. Therefore, my treatment for any disease is always or at least striving to […]

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