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Stop the runny nose or heal the lungs?

I once had a client who seeks consultation for his bad eczema condition.
He listed down a litany of supplements (almost ten products) recommended by a health supplement sales professional and asked me whether it was alright to take them.
I offered no comments about quality. Most of the products were of no relevance for the eczema condition, and there was no holistic protocol to treat the root cause.
If you fall into the trap of supplement allopathy, you end up taking St John’s wort for depression, echinacea for flu, horseradish for the stuffy nose, or fennel for bloating, etc. Sounds familiar?

The problem is not that they work some of the time, but that at other times they do not. Why is that?

The difference is that one is that of a symptomatic approach (kill the bacteria, stop the runny nose, etc.) and another approach I strongly encourage – holistic.

Why do you have a constant runny nose?

• Holistic approach – Lung weakness. How can I treat the root cause?
• Symptomatic – Give me an herb or herbs to stop the runny nose.

By now, you should know that my consultation always is holistic – treating the root cause.

How about Leaf to Life ® supplement programs?

They are backed up by holistic protocols and educational initiatives to empower you to self-heal.

Symptomatic or holistic? The choice is yours.

Remember this naturopathic teaching –

The suppression of acute conditions leads to chronic diseases.
It takes 20 years to develop signs and symptoms of cancer.


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