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Initially, after graduating from the Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in Engineering, I pursued a corporate career in various multinational companies. Despite a relatively successful career in the corporate world, I felt a deep sense of discontentment. I could not handle the never-ending office politics.

As people with asthma, COPD, weak lungs, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorders, etc. have been classed as an at-risk group in this battle with COVID-19, it is very crucial to strengthen the health of the lungs. First of all, those who are at risk (actually every one

The most diagnosed liver disease in developed countries is non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD). More than 90% of NAFLD patients have at least one of the following problems: Obesity Insulin resistance Impaired fasting glucose Elevated triglycerides Elevated LDL cholesterol Hypertension Other risk factors are: Chronic hepatitis Drugs

The root cause behind heart diseases - stroke, heart attack, etc. is chronic low-grade inflammation, not high cholesterol. High cholesterol is a good predictive, not the root cause. This is because cholesterol sticks to inflammations in our arteries and creates plaques. The latter can become so