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The fever is the cure

It is well established in medical texts that fever is a healthy response to the presence of pathogens and antigens (bacteria, virus…) in the body.

A lot of people get really stressed out by fever and take NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and decongestants to turn off the fever response when the temperature reaches 38 degrees.

Yet, it is at this stage your body optimize antibody and white blood cell production (about 20x) to stimulate detoxification. A stage 3 bile duct cancer patient of mine had a remission after a sudden fever episode (he was under my herbal medicine treatment for 3 months; no chemotherapy, radiation, nor surgery). That is the power of a fever – your body’s intelligence response.

It is common to see people end up having the worst symptoms that last longer than those who do not take anything or supported by herbal medicine and fasting.

I understand your concern, particularly for children. However, to truly strengthen one’s body, it is essential to be informed on the physiology of fever.

Stage 1 

Feeling cold, the pores of the skin are closed, and the blood is redirected from periphery to the core of the body in order to warm it up. You look pale. The body is trying to increase your metabolism to fight the virus ( see how intelligent!).  At this stage, we give herbs that warm the body. My basic fever tincture is applied at this stage.

Stage 2 

The temperature reaches 38.8 and just below 40. You feel warm, dry, and flushed because the blood is directed from inner organs to the periphery. The body is trying to cool itself. At this stage, the body shuts down the digestive system. Therefore, fasting (see my fasting protocol in my book Leaf to Life) is required. If you eat at this stage, you are likely to slow down the immune response, as your vital force is using energy to digest food rather than fight the virus.

Your muscle tissue starts to break down in order to provide amino acids (from protein) for the immune system. Therefore, you experience muscular aches. There should be no cold baths at this stage. It is important to drink a copious amount of warm water or fasting fluid. Relaxing diaphoretics herbs are used at this stage.

Stage 3 

This is the point of the fever breaking and sweating (let him or her sweat) in order to cool the person. Continue to fast until the fever drops to below 37.2. You feel hungry. Simple soups are good.  Often the fever will cycle between stages 2 and 3 intermittently.

Stage 4 

This is the recovery period. Here, continue to rest. It is very important to be free from strenuous activity, otherwise, the symptoms are likely to return. Here I apply blood cleansing herbs to cleanse the lymphatic system. The ‘enemies’ are dead, but they are still on the battlefield. It needs a clean-up. Otherwise, many of you will experience post fever syndrome – tired, cough, runny nose, etc.

I intend to do more teaching in simple pathology for those of you who are members of the Leaf to Life Academy – in the quarterly meet up, workshops and retreats. It is always better to be educated than to medicate.








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