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The Only Anti-Virus Remedy

..how severe the illness (coronavirus) a person depends both on the person’s immune system, as well as how large the viral load is when the person is infected’ – Professor David Heymann, London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine, Head of the global response to SARS, World Health Organisation. 

He added that if the infection is passed by someone with mild illness, the viral load is low. But if the person getting infected has other medical conditions, he could still get seriously ill even with a low viral load (Straits Times, February 2020).

In other words, the key is to stay healthy (strong immune system) as best as you can and should not just react or do something only in times of crisis.

Your immunity does not become strong overnight. It requires a holistic approach and not a one-pill solution.

This is why I created the Leaf to Life ® holistic vitality and detox programs. They are meticulously designed to support immunity and to slow down aging (aging is the major risk factor for almost all diseases).

I will also be teaching on herbal support for immunity and other subjects in Leaf to Life ® Village quarterly meet up (for members) and the Leaf to Life ® retreat (Dec 2 to 7, 2020, Chiang Rai). Stay tuned.









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