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The secret to purge toxins in the age of a pandemic

The old doctors taught us that diseases could not thrive in healthy blood. And healthy blood must begin with a healthy liver. The resulting toxins are called black bile.

However, the modern lifestyle of rancid oil diet, pharmaceutical drugs, toxins, pesticides, food preservatives, air pollution, alcohol, tobacco, and chronic stress put a tremendous burden on the liver, leading to fatty liver, cirrhosis, obesity, poor digestion, emotional weakness, fatigue, aging skin, degenerative joints, weak heart, and lungs.

In Western holistic medicine, the resulting toxins are called black bile. According to the medieval healer St Hildegard, it is also the cause of cancer and leaky gut syndrome.

Opening the channels of elimination, cleansing the blood, and the lymph is even more crucial during a period of a pandemic. This is why one of the major herbs used during past pandemic and plague was a Blessed thistle. A blessed thistle or St Benedict’s thistle obtained its name from its high medieval reputation as a plague cure and heal-all.

In the Western holistic medicine tradition, blessed thistle is one of the most potent and time-tested herbs for strengthening the liver, kidneys, lungs, brain, spleen, and the heart. Blessed thistle acts on all channels of elimination, making it a powerful blood purifier. The old doctors taught us that blessed thistle has high power in the blood’s purification and circulation, strengthening the brain and memory.

“It is a plant of great virtue; it helps inwardly and outwardly; it strengthens all principal members of the body, such as the brain, the heart, the stomach, the liver, the lungs, and the kidneys; it is a preservative against all disease…; it consumes and wastes away all bad humors…” 

Pietro Andrea Mattioli (1500-1577), renowned botanist and physician

However, blessed thistle may not be suitable for all body types. I formulate Phytocelec™ with the fresh herb extract of blessed thistle and other fresh synergistic herbs for almost all body types to:

  • Support liver /gall bladder function; prevent gall stones
  • Support the liver’s processing of hormones, carbohydrates, and fats
  • Support brain function, memory, and learning
  • Protect the liver from fatty degeneration
  • Support digestion of fats and lipids; weight management
  • Promote healthy skin and overcome dryness
  • Support cellular regeneration
  • Support spleen function
  • Support lymphatic cleansing
  • Improve appetite and digestion
  • Ease fatigue
  • Support treatment for malaria and dengue fever.
  • Support intermittent fever
  • Strengthen the heart
  • Ease headache due to liver congestion
  • Support lung function
  • Ease dizziness and tinnitus (due to poor circulation).

Given the pandemic situation, I have included Phyto-Celec as part of my Holistic Vitality Program. Together with PHYTOCL, it is called The Leaf to Life Holistic Vitality Program Plus.

May you be blessed with peace and health.

Sebastian Liew, ND, MNHAA, MHS(UNE)

Doctor of naturopathy, Medical herbalist
Tel: +65-65389978,
email: customerservice@leaftolife.com.sg


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