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“For the past 20 years, I succeeded in helping my patients because I adopted a holistic protocol for all health conditions – healing the body, mind, and the soul.”

Sebastian Liew


There are health related complicated conditions that require a qualified and experienced medical herbalist to design a wholistic treatment aimed at arresting the root causes. This implies more than just simple supplementation.

To find out more about phytotherapy (Western Herbal Medicine) and how it can help you, please visit or call us at:

Sebastian Liew Centre Pte Ltd
(Phytotherapy Clinic)
(Registered R200408889Z)

150, Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza
#07-06, Singapore 238841
Tel: +65-65389978

Book a private consultation with medical herbalist Sebastian Liew today

Email: customerservice@leaftolife.com.sg
WhatsApp: +65-8820 7661 (Text Only)

Please bring along any relevant and recent blood/ medical test results. Your first visit might last between 30–60 minutes.

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