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Why the holistic vitality program supports your core immunity?

You may have heard that migrant workers are being tested for ‘silent pneumonia’ by measuring oxygen saturation in the blood. 

Experts also told us in the process of attacking the virus, the immune system goes to overdrive, causing damages to the lungs. 

What happens if someone lung tissues are already weak or there exists hypoxia (insufficient oxygenation of cells) in the first place? 

The Holistic Vitality Program not only serves to promote overall health but also core immunity for the long term. 

PHYTOEFA – Reduces hypoxia; oxygenation of cells 

PHYTOLEC+ – Modulate inflammation, strengthen tissues and liver detoxification 

PHYTOZEST – Support anabolic hormones and vital reserve (core immunity) and support stress management. Build resistance to stress of all kinds. 

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Leaf to Life ® Holistic Vitality Programme (3 months)


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