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Your Core Immunity is the key to handle any virus situation

This is a very good article by a Swiss doctor on Covid-19. Click to read more: https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/

Quote – ” According to the latest data of the Italian National Health Institute ISS, the average age of the positively-tested deceased in Italy is currently about 81 years. 10% of the deceased are over 90 years old. 90% of the deceased are over 70 years old.

80% of the deceased had suffered from two or more chronic diseases. 50% of the deceased had suffered from three or more chronic diseases. Chronic diseases include in particular cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory problems, and cancer.

Less than 1% of the deceased were healthy persons, i.e. persons without pre-existing chronic diseases. Only about 30% of the deceased are women.” 

In other words, at the end of the day, your everyday investment in your personal health is the key to protecting yourself from any viruses or at least an increase chance of survival if contracted. Viruses including COVID 19 are here to stay in one way or another. 

Your core immunity is your protection. Wearing a mask, flu shots, vaccines may be useful in the short term but long term immunity is still the key.

As taught by Louis Pasteur  (father of pharmacology) before his death in 1895 – The germ is nothing. The terrain (your immune) is everything. 

What is core immunity? It is a holistic health lifestyle, what I called the 7 Sacred Letters of Wellness, detailed in my book Leaf to Life. The remedies I proposed are contained in my Holistic Vitality and detox programs.

I shall be speaking in more detail on core immunity in my upcoming talk on April 18 for members.

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