Phytolec + ®


Phytolec+® is a synergetic formulation of patented whole herb extracts to support holistic health especially healthy liver function, endothelial function, ocular eye health, and tissue health.

Phytolec+® consists of certified organic whole herbal extracts to support:

❤️ Healthy aging 
❤️ Healthy joints
❤️ Healthy cholesterol
❤️ Healthy ocular (eye) health 
❤️ Healthy cognitive function
❤️ Healthy blood glucose levels
❤️ Liver detoxification, particularly phase 2
❤️ Immune health 
❤️ Vitality and energy
❤️ Skin rejuvenation 
❤️ Colonic health 
❤️ Healthy endothelial function (heart & blood vessel health) 

‘This is one of the most essential supplements for vitality and healthy aging.’ 

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